Orig3n Health & Wellness Expo Exhibitor Info

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at the Orig3n Health & Wellness Expo or Finish Line Festival.

2019 Event Dates

  • Orig3n Health & Wellness Expo: May 17 & 18, Pier 35
    • 60,000+ Attendees
  • Finish Line Festival: May 19, Ocean Beach Parking lot
    • 50,000+ Attendees
[2019 EXPO & FINISH LINE FESTIVAL INFO SHEET] -- will be available in November 2018

Our booth reservation process is digital, and applications for the 2019 Expo will be available in November of this year. For reference, the 2018 Expo floor plan can be found here. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact our Expo Manager via email expo@baytobreakers.com or phone (415) 231-3130